Westwood For All Ages

The History of Age Friendly Environments

Westwood for All Ages is an initiative to make Westwood an age friendly community—a place where all people can live well and thrive even as they age. This program was created through a grant provided by The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation. The initiative is a partnership of Meals on Wheels North Jersey, the Mayor and Council of Westwood, municipal departments, local businesses, and health and social service providers. Westwood for All Ages is committed to raising the community’s awareness of its senior residents, ensuring that their voices are heard and their ongoing contributions are recognized.  The project is guided by a Senior Advisory Committee.  Very importantly, the Westwood Mayor and Council recognize the importance of the community’s seniors and they have taken the significant step of forming a Senior Committee that will provide insights into the Borough’s activities’ impact on its seniors.

Our Background

Special Thanks

*The concept of Age Friendly Environments was created by The World Health Organization.

*The environment plays an important role in determining how we age and how we respond to disease.

*Age-friendly environments foster health and well-being and the participation of people as they age.

*They are accessible, equitable , inclusive, safe and secure, and supportive.

*They provide people-centered services and support to enable recovery or to compensate for the loss of function so that people can continue to do the things that are important to them.

This information is provided by The World Health Organization. WHO promotes the creation of age-friendly environments with a focus on cities and communities. Go to their website for more information.